Friday, October 28, 2016

horse shirt confessions

patriots fans know this line well.
"do your job."
new englanders may know it better as
"DO ya joaoaoaob!"
you know...with the boston accent.

well can i confess that these three little words have left
me inspired and a whole lotta cranky.
i'll explain.

you see, the varsity soccer teams in our town
got to play a game under the lights at gillette stadium this season.
so exciting.
the high school program, player parents and the youth program
did a great job promoting the game through selling tickets and these t-shirts
with our town's mascot mustang and the "do your job" inspiration imprinted on the front.

we see them all around town.
we see them on facebook.
most of my soccer team has them.
our babysitter has one.
my kids are basically living in theirs.

it's been so great.
it makes my heart happy to be part of a
town, program, community
where these things happen.
love that.

but, then there came the

because, the few weeks leading up to and through the game
were also some of my most jammed packed days this fall.
when 2017 program planning for wwt was in full swing.
when i've been in planes, trains, taxis and carpool lanes a lot.
when many of our solid "back to school routine"
schedules and commitments started to crack and not look so bright & shiny.
you know...the annual, hooray we made it through september,
but then look up and realize that october is even more full than september.

so put that together with seeing
"do YA joaoaoab"
around every corner.
in the community.
on the computer.
at soccer practice.
running around the backyard.
in the laundry.
on my precious children.
and i felt like all these horse shirts were talking to me.
no, yelling at me.
bossing me around.

such that the crack in my routine, schedule, brain, heart
made me shout back in my mama head...
and under my mama breath...
and in the car by mama self...

NO, you do YOUR job.
i AM doing my job.
WHAT job do you want me do?
no seriously, what JOAOAOAOB do you want me to do?
i'm doing SO many jobs.
so, stick it (with a few #$%! it)  horse shirt.

flash forward to this past week.
when my husband and sweet friends,
 loved and laughed me through my ugly t-shirt confessions.
oh sweet grace.
and again yesterday when the shirt popped
up all warm and smelling like downy during a laundry session that brought me to tears.
oh sweet gratefulness.

for this job.
that i get to do this joaoaoab.
that this job is life.
that this life is precious.
that this life is not my own.

take that horse shirt.
oh and gooooooo medway, mustangs, patriots.
i think i can cheer for you again.
if you'll still have me.

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