Tuesday, January 24, 2017

thankful tuesday, 1/24

a few quiet minutes,
after a few weeks of feeling like my brain was a bouncing basketball.
just enough to jot down some joy moments.  

  • ibuprofen for little fevers
  • clarity after the blurr
  • adrenaline 
  • davos learnings and inspiration
  • mr. defoyd's daily devotion
  • gorgeous girlfriends who blessed by birthday butt off
  • visor streamers
  • weekend in the woo
  • hometown farmers
  • swimming for my little fish
  • aquarium outing with my little fish
  • hide and seek sillies with jane
  • diane drive shenanigans
  • between mom courage
  • faith and feminism...hope and healing
  • pals and playdates
  • sunroof open in january
  • awesome experiences for the girl scouts
  • dribbling basketballs and squeaky sneakers
  • the winter coat nomar garciaparra car key search 
  • demo day and shiplap planning
  • solar system learning with b
  • trying new things
  • essential oil experimenting
here's to gratitude,
 and how it turns everything into enough.

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