Monday, January 16, 2017

let's paint

"almost always the creative dedicated minority
has made the world better."
dr. martin luther king jr.

my family gifted me a beautiful set of water colors for christmas.
i'm definitely not a painter, but 
this gift of 36 colors, received when i was still 36 years old got me all tangled up.
it's been open on display on my desk since christmas.
i've yet to wet the brush.
it's just so beautiful.
because i'm not an artist, i'm afraid to dirty it up.

tomorrow, when women thrive will be at the world economic forum 
for the 3rd year (36 months...hmmm)
paint is the core of our branding.
we picked it because it so vividly depicts the unique components, or color pallet of women's lives. 
that when blended or combined creates something beautiful, special, memorable...
something that thrives.
and while not technically part of our branding or messaging, 
we know that when we combine too many colors the result is muck.
i see this often in the "masterpieces" little jane creates.
and i see this often in the life mixing of family, faith, work, love, gifts, dreams.
that when i carelessly blend, or forget to clean the brush the result is muck.

and that right there is it. 
why i can't bring myself to use the gifted pallet set.
i'm afraid to mix the colors.
i'm afraid i'll muck it up.
i'm afraid to ruin the perfect border between each color.

but today,
in honor of dr. king and his words,
i'll paint.
 on the eve of when women thrive's anniversary at the forum, 
i will paint.
as i begin my 37th year, 
i will paint.
as we start the new year of 2017,
i'll paint.
i will remember to not use all the colors.
i'll choose the ones i like the most.
i'll be thoughtful to select just the ones i need for the thing i'm going to create.
and i know this means i'll certainly have to mix the paint.
mixing - colors - life - love - faith - work - family - gifts - dreams.
let's paint.

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