Sunday, June 4, 2017

caterpillar, cocoon, wings

i was away with some sweet friends this weekend.
a few days to connect, rest, renew and make memories.

in ways it was hard to justify the time away.
time away from the pace of spring. 
time away when summer isn't too far off.

but just like the butterflies we hatched this spring.
little caterpillars that quickly grow to be big fat caterpillars.
that build a small cocoon around themselves.
that stay inside for more than two weeks.
then nibble a hole, wiggle themselves out and become a beautiful butterfly.
we mamas know this abbreviated eric carle tale all too well.

this weekend was like a two day cocoon.
a transformative rest after days and weeks of quick & productive growing.
a time to nibble a hole and wiggle (hee hee) into the home stretch.
a time to hatch, stretch, spread and enjoy a new set of wings.

because while the kids sing songs, get certificates and report cards
to mark the end of a school year.
we parents don't get any fancy awards or certificates for making it through.
we don't even get an attendance record!
but it sure is quick and productive, isn't it?
and we sure are ready to spread these wings and fly into summer.
oh yes, yes we are.

here are a few of our family apples, pears, plums, strawberries & oranges...
chocolate cake, ice cream cone, pickle, swiss cheese, salami, lollipop, sausage, cupcake & watermelon...
a bit of our life eating these last few weeks.

caterpillar hatching
spring soccer conditioning
heritage day irish lad
garden planting
planting and cleansing
and lots of oiling
annual egg hunts at the farm
new york day trips
little feminist treasures for mama's meetings
team meetings in the barn
coach and player
lax playing
baseball too
sideline sister sweetness
daddy daughter sweetness
mrs. mcgregor and her rabbit
helpful farmhand
hands & basket full strategy teaching
scrubbing and creating
adventuring at home
adventuring in nyc
girl scout adventures
mama & her scout
life guard on duty with the scouts
storytime bonding
snuggles and bonded
cousin rocket launch
launching into youth group
journey through acts with mcc
best seat at the stadium
team runs in the rain
final blue belt training
new green belt rank
boys of baseball
boys of lax
girls of defoyd backyard farm
chicks just being chicks 
boys just being boys
defoyd backyard farm band practice
defoyd backyard farm barn bash
barn bashers
bashers bashing
farmers bashing
kiddo playdates
kiddo snack buffets
smelly poopin' with company
lilac smelling
oily smelling
principal office offender
keynote speakers
keynote speakers also set off the fire alarm
my lil' barista
mama's minions
gus the dog and the gardener
soooo much rain
and...soooo soon summer will be here.
so let's spread our wings and fly.
we got this.

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