Monday, October 1, 2018

mary poppins & oiling

there is lots & lots of halloween talk
happening in our house these days.
costume dreaming & scheming brings me 
back to my most favorite halloween costume ever.
that time i was mary poppins
& wes was sweet bert.

on rainy days like these,
i get to channel my inner mary 
when i carry my costume umbrella 
out and about 
mary momming around town.

but let me tell you...
my oils often bring out an inner mary too.
i swear that woman had oils in her bag.
i mean...
spoonful of sugar.
cherry cordial.
ruuuuuuum punch.
tea parties on the ceiling.
"every task you undertake,
becomes a piece of cake."
and a beauty of a bottomless satchel. 

her bag had a little something for everything.
and that's how i feel about my oils.
a dose of this.
a diffusor mix for that.
a roller for this.
a blend for that.

so, with my trusty mary umbrella in reach,
and a quiet hum of "a spoonful of sugar"
here's a little peek at some of my most favorite
mama mary poppins' oily mixes.

if any of you want to add some goodies to your
mary satchel let me know.
i'll fly right over!

germs, germs, go away!
immunity boost.
mommy brain be gone.
homework hustle!
ella's most favorite diffusor mix.
achy head, achy muscles!
soothing without ibuprofen.
pimple poooof!
a dollop on plumpy pimples.
wrinkle rest!
my most favorite facial serum.
fall fabulous!
favorite seasonal blend for our noses and our brains.
laundry love!
kickin' smells and smelling sweet.
too much tequila & tacos!
tummy & head relief after a fun night.
happy mama!
my most favorite mama up mood lifting mix.
happy kiddo!
a little bit of sunshine when the crabbies take over.
breath again!
for when junk settles in the pipes.
dreaming darlings!
for when "but mom, i'm not tired."
athlete ewwwww!
for bennett's smelly gear & freaky foot funk.
crank & check!
tackling to-do lists with a boost.
perfectly peaceful!
diffusing now while we play
a board game and root for the red sox.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I googled oily Mary poppins because I’m an oiling nanny and found this post! You are amazing 😉I loved reading this so much and am sending tons of happy energy your way! Seriously, people- there’s an oil for everything ❤️❤️