Tuesday, January 18, 2011

thankful tuesdays, 1/18

i so loved compiling my 2010 list of things i was thankful for this past year - and i know it was just a sampling of how the lord is blessing our lives.  my tuesdays are usually my quiet night at home night - wes plays b-ball and i get some quiet me time.  so...thought in this new world of having my little blog, i  start a weekly thankful tuesday reflection.  so, dear father - i look forward to reflecting each tuesday on your gifts and amazing grace from the smallest thing to the most powerful.
  • snow days home as a family
  • birthday blizzard and sweet loves from my family
  • my mom and her gift of babysitting so wes & i can have a date night
  • savory dinner out and wine
  • ella & bennett sharing a bedroom
  • cute ikea decor
  • peaceful dinner at home - soup, bread, conversation and everyone staying in their chair
  • watching home videos from a year ago with ella
  • sunday's sermon on imperfect families in the bible and how god's plan was above all the dysfunction
  • pastor mike's gift of digging deep and wonderful storytelling
  • an understanding and helpful husband when i'm feeling under the weather (even on date night)
  • bennett's morning celebration - "momma i sleep in my big-boy bed."  you are growing up too quickly little boy!
  • snow fort fun
  • monday morning visitors - aunt claudia, cousin laura and ella's friend sinead
  • creaky cranky and cranberries with bennett in the morning
  • this writing time - so thankful for this new time

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