Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thankful tuesdays, 1/25

tuesday reflections & thanks

  • book club & snuggling with andrew & peter
  • snow days home as a family
  • bennett's continued success with transitioning to his big boy bed
  • crying, laughing, crying, laughing, crying...praying with friends
  • my new pillows - sleeping so much better
  • bennett's birthday party fun with our family
  • cute train cake & excited kids
  • blow-dryer fix to frozen pipes
  • oven mishaps and helpful sister-in-law erin
  • writing friend's adoption letter - an honor
  • cuddles with wheezy kids
  • swimming with ella
  • sledding fun with family
  • 2 nights of margaritas, mexican and catching-up with girlfriends
  • pots of tea - sometimes a cup at a time isn't enough
  • productive and smart business planning workshop
  • finishing a book and finding my reading time again
  • ella and her cute skirts - thank goodness for a break from 24/7 leggings
  • irony cabernet 

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