Sunday, January 16, 2011

like jane & michael banks

we transitioned to a new phase this weekend - brother & sister are sharing a bedroom!  definitely a bit earlier than we had planned - but since the week bennett turned 2, he has become a professional crib jumper! so... a new phase.  exciting, really cute and a little sad for could it be that bennett is old enough for this?!

ella is beyond excited - "now we share a room like jane & michael banks in mary poppins!"  bennett is quite proud of his "big boy bed" - and we are proud of him - he has transitioned so well!

thank you to ikea for lots of fun decor we've purchased over the years, and for the fun "bunk-bed" alternative that works so well for this space. we are looking forward to years of brother-sister bedtime stories together, night-time snuggles and sweet whispers.

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