Wednesday, January 26, 2011

collage, cards and calico critters

a restful and creative day at home with ella and bennett.  some morning fun with these cute calico critters that the kids got for christmas.  aren't they sweet?
while sister was at school, bennett helped make his birthday thank you cards.  he gives his mom's "train" drawings more credit than they deserve - simply drawing one in red is james, blue is thomas (though they look nothing like thomas and his friends) - thank you sweet bennett!
 as brother rested (poor guy has a icky cold), ella and i made her collage page for little lambs.  i remember last year when she was not at all interested in helping me with this i worked on it for way too long by myself (while wes went off to bed). today she picked her favorite pics (and some of mine) and we made this "ella" collage.  she is quite excited to share with her teachers and friends on friday.  i can also report that today's project took only 30 minutes vs. my solo-hours last year pouring over photos, discarded "drafts" and designed masterpiece.  lesson learned:  let your kids do their own school projects!

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  1. Oh! How sweet. Your little Bennett has a great future as an artist. Look how cool his thanks you cards are. But by the way, how old is Bennett?