Tuesday, May 17, 2011

thankful tuesday, 5/17

blessings & praise...
  • blooming lilacs
  • my brother's engagement to leigh...yay a wedding!
  • cooking, baking, cleaning and laundry...gaining a rhythm at home
  • freedom from work stress
  • planting our vegetable garden up at the farm
  • dirty knees, hands, faces...and loving it!
  • my dad's generous gift of the garden & seedlings
  • judy & charlie's visit and enjoying our ball game picnic at home vs. in the rain
  • kids getting their bedtime story and snuggles from their grandma
  • bennett's sweet apologies
  • princess birthday parties
  • friday night with our small group
  • dorian's sermon on sunday - welcome to fcch dorian!
  • worm hunting with the kids
  • kiddo bowling outing with friends to escape the rain
  • baby animals at davis farm
  • little farmer kiddos - we've had lots of that this week
  • sweetness of god's blessings

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