Sunday, May 8, 2011

mudder's day

dear sweet ella & bennett -
i am so very privileged to be to your mama. from the giggles and cries to the the battles and cheers - i am honored.

ella bella,
thank you for the pile of wonderful cards you made for me - and your bursting excitement over keeping the secret of your gift ensemble. i loved them!  lately we've been chatting about how much you are growing. each time i notice a new freckle - or each time i'm blown away with a new sophisticated idea, plan or thought you share.   i ask you - "dear ella, please, please stop growing!" - and you say "mommy, i can't...i'm almost 5 you know."  i know, i know - but, how can that be?  my daughter. my friend. my shopping companion. my creative artist. my little chef. my ice cream maker. my little planner. my adoring big sister. my daddy's girl. my shy angel. my love. my gift.

bennett pie -
how much i loved getting showered with your happy "mudder's day" tackles, hugs and kisses today. you are so very generous in your affection, words and abounding love. from your countless "whys" to your hair twirling loves - i adore you. like your sister, you've been reminding me lately how much you are growing "mama i not baby - i big boy")...but you are still my baby. my little train conductor. my kix & morning snuggles buddy. my friend. my muddy adventurer. my shake shake bridge conqueror. my big sister copy cat. my sing me a song sweetie. my little sweet tooth. my 2008 christmas present. my tough guy. my love. my gift.

i love you sweet babies - happy mudder's day!