Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thankful tuesday, 5/31

boy oh boy - we've had a great week. we are zonked, sun kissed, happy and so very very grateful. god is good!
  • ella's spring sing pre-school concert
  • praying for her - that the shy jitters don't take away from her excitement
  • trivia night out with the girls - even if trivia didn't happen because of the b's
  • fun irish pub
  • parenting courage - oh to have the courage of shadrach, meshach and abednego
  • kids with freeze pop stained faces
  • the smell of my bug sprayed, sweaty and sunscreened kiddos
  • wes' tomato plant strategy discussions with brittany up at the farm (good news they are bouncing back)
  • a fantastic family cookout and splish splash day at judy & charlie's
  • the simplicity and joy of sprinklers and slip & slides
  • wes & justin craziness (and taylor holding her own with the boys)
  • bennett's love for "water minnow" (aka watermelon)
  • end of the day sink baths for dirty feet
  • water gun wars with between my brothers and my kids
  • a day with the cranstons
  • burgers & ice cream at four corners - i miss those days
  • memorial day parade
  • bagpipes
  • ella singing along to the national anthem - 'mama she sings that so good" ... guess my bedtime version was put to shame
  • cookout at home with the reardons
  • a new phase of bennett stories - little chatter box
  • the season of impromtu outings to the lake

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