Wednesday, February 1, 2012

thankful tuesday, 1/31

  • james taylor on a rainy afternoon
  • being a mystery reader in ella's classroom with my sidekick, little b
  • meetings that go better than i thought they would
  • girl scout discussions on honesty & fairness
  • a mama's busy lap
  • living room forts
  • fort snuggles
  • kindergarten homework
  • b's "best ever" compliments
  • monday lunch date with sue
  • breakfast devotions
  • a super fun night away with the girls
  • dinner, brunch, cocktails, dancing, laughing and memories
  • pinkberry
  • maple cotton candy
  • e's 1st loose tooth, and holding on that smile that will soon never be the same
  • hard conversations that put us on the same page
  • 2 hour nap for all 4 of us
  • a belated christmas/birthday dinner with julie
  • super friendly optometrist that makes a routine appointment a delight
  • national geographic movie nights
  • a productive & very affordable jean shopping excursion (phew!)
  • nerf attacks before school

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