Tuesday, February 21, 2012

thankful tuesday, 2/21

  • 3 dates with wes in one week...woot! woot!  
  • bonding with my love
  • lunch date jen and and her adorable little ones
  • robins & blooming crocus
  • little boy playdates
  • bottom painting giggles with kristina
  • sticker nose disaster...and "blowing" it out
  • snot in my eye, ear and hair that saved a trip to the er
  • spiritual shape inventory insight
  • workshop giggles with wes
  • 10 minute drive by visit with a&a...that filled my tank
  • kiddo sleepover at grandma's
  • spoiled grandkids
  • big kid date with justin & maggie
  • remembering craig
  • high school memories and sharing
  • being on february break
  • saturday morning coffee & breakfast with the girls
  • the smell of outside on my kids' cheeks
  • geocaching inspiration and our first successful hunt (thanks rachel!)
  • wes & ella coloring contests
  • a night home by myself...reading, downton and letters
  • bowling fun

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