Tuesday, February 28, 2012

thankful tuesday, 2/28

  • a girlie day with ella - swimming, shopping, lunching and giggling
  • a restful school vacation week
  • making friendship bracelets with the girl scouts
  • hiding under the covers with my kids
  • creative planning with laura
  • kiddo's mr. buckley games with grandpa
  • cookie care packages
  • how wes reminds me to be still...vs. always having a plan
  • dinner with k&k, my putnam girls
  • meeting little ben
  • saturday morning cartoons with the kids 
  • finishing a classic novel...hmmmmm
  • b's stories from his new little "cool" (school)
  • a bowl of wes' kettle corn and the oscars
  • lent devotions
  • kiddo explorations with their dad
  • rummikub fun
  • sore muscles after a good run
  • my new tea cup

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