Friday, February 24, 2012

hike, hunt, hooray!

a week ago i couldn't tell you what "geocaching" meant. i thought it was some sort of geological crevice in a mountain.  yeah...i'm not that technical.
but what i can tell you 7 days later is that it's giving our kids (and us too) a whole new excitement for going on a hike.  a big thanks to my friend rachel for giving me the low down on this great outdoor fun!
because if your kids are like mine - the excitement of going on a hike usually only lasts about 5 minutes, before this starts: "can you carry me?"  "can we have a snack?"  "how much longer do we need to walk?"
well geocaching puts the adventure in our adventure.  you can read more about it here - but in a nutshell we use our phone gps to direct us towards a hidden treasure.  hike, hunt, hooray! 
using a few clues left on the geocaching site - you hike to your spot and begin your hunt. the kids (and again us too) were quite excited to search and search for the hidden treasure.  
this box hidden under a rock contained all sorts of little trinkets left by explorers from all over. bennett really like this red army guy....and really, really wanted to take him  home with us.
but nope, we packed it back up, logged our family's name in the enclosed log book and rehid it for the next explorers to find. next time we plan to bring some trinkets of our own to include and/or swap for trinkets in the box.
an exciting, whine-free, outdoor adventure for this little family...with piggy backs on the way back as a reward for a successful hunt! looking forward to our next adventure!

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