Tuesday, April 17, 2012

thankful tuesday, 4/17

  • that guy...us
  • easy afternoons at the playground
  • this weather...amazing
  • a gorgeous family beach day
  • being designed to serve
  • performances on the lawn
  • new soccer adventures for e and coach dad
  • ice cream
  • celebrating a wonderful surprise
  • a beach toy errand with e&b
  • a productive saturday morning
  • move it, move it giggles with b
  • car naps
  • book club tears and laughs
  • leaves turning green
  • a long wagon adventure with b
  • red sox opening day moments
  • popsicle chats
  • renewed baby doll & imaginary play
  • bible verse hangman with e
  • friendship during a bennett "step outside moment" at small group
  • smell of charcoal
  • b's bedtime antics...what will he come up this time? for example: "mama how do you say hooya hoop?" after i thought he had been asleep for an hour

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