Friday, April 6, 2012

welling and weeping

as we prepare our hearts and souls to celebrate the risen savior - there has been some most precious quite time welling and weeping together. sharing the lord's word with our children though the jesus storybook bible is most cherished here at home.

but to be honest, the time is often a struggle.  they are little - they are squirmy - they are often not focused - they ask to read a different story than the one we had planned.  eager, yet often not really hearing. frustrating.

but then there are moments like this.  the lord working in the his most powerful way - to center our hearts on the cross. tears welling and our bodies weeping as we read his word from this children's storybook version...

"my life will break and god's broken world will mend.  my heart will tear apart - and your hearts will heal."

jesus cried and he fell to the ground. "is there any other way to get your children back? to heal their hearts?" but he knew - there was no other way.

"then they whipped him. and spat on him.  jesus had never done anything wrong. but they were going to kill him the way criminals were killed...they nailed him to the cross."

"it is finished. and it was. he had done it...rescued the whole world."

ella expressing with big elephant tears in her eyes how sad this makes her. bennett's most precious concern, "mama that is not nice...why they do that?"   welling and weeping....welling and weeping.  oh a most precious moment - to center our hearts on the prepare to celebrate the risen savior!

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  1. Reading this tonight with my it!