Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day

a memorable mother's day at home with our little ones and our mamas too.
happy belated mother's day sweet friends!
dear little ones -
you fill my days with abounding love and sweet sweet joy.  you make me fight for what is right and good. you make me brave. you make me humble. you make me see the best me i can be.  i am filled to the brim with hopes for you...hopes for your light to shine and that through you through you my light may shine too.   i love you so.

dear mama -
it is a true  honor and blessing to be one of yours....your first...your daughter.  it is your strength, honesty and  thoughtfulness that are my daily inspiration.  i love you so very much!

dear judy -
thank you for raising this boy i got to marry. i know that his steadfast love and devotion were learned in your home - a place where family and tradition are the most precious treasures.  i am one lucky girl to be part of such a wonderful family. i love you!

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