Wednesday, October 16, 2013

thankful tuesday, 10/17

  • new beverly cleary ramona adventures for ella
  • rereading it myself while she is at school
  • unpacking my stack of thermal t-shirts from the attic
  • pumpkin & scarecrow day with dear friends here at home
  • his & her barns
  • jane's wave
  • impromptu parking lot playdate invites
  • ocean test studying with ella
  • columbus day hike with the girl scouts
  • leaf and straw pile jumping
  • friends who encourage
  • women who inspire me
  • our golden backyard
  • this season
  • a hubby who gets me
  • baby cousin apple munching and radio flyer rides 
  • donuts after church
  • rescue bot and playground playdates
  • last minute lunch dates
  • a rainy afternoon at the bowling alley with the reardon boys
  • morning fog
  • my mother's day flower share that keeps on giving
  • snuggling baby kittens at tangerini's

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