Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 a few pics from our labor day camping weekend with sweet friends.
we love these people, and the memories we made together.
memories like...
 too many kids in the hammock.
countless hammock giggles.
campfire s'mores, chili and pancake breakfasts.
the dads and their serious tarp hanging skills.
rain that didn't arrive until after were were all packed up and heading home.
  canine and feline neighbors and their interesting families. 

the "leisurely" hike that didn't end...ever.
a hike with a good dose of danger and adventure.
rock slides and balance beam bridge crossing.
teaching the girls how to pop a squat.
little hikers who were big time troopers.
janie & miles' first camping trip.
snake, frog and other pond creature catching.
rescue bot bonding.
mustaches and sunglasses sillies.
log art canvas
camp fire competitions and trickery.
dear friends.
an awesome weekend.
fantastic memories.
this family is looking forward to next year!

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