Monday, October 28, 2013

pumpkins & scarecrows

when we moved to this house earlier this year,
i started to imagine the fall party we should have.
in fact before we had even unpacked all our boxes we were 
tilling the field in the back for our very own pumpkin patch.
the barn & backyard just seemed to be meant for a fall pumpkin fest!

sadly the beetles and our very fat resident groundhog
got to every last one of our pumpkins...every last one! 
(those rascals better watch out next year) 

 but a pumpkin party we would have.
 make that a pumpkin and scarecrow party.
and a pumpkin and scarecrow party we a had!
so fun!
a day full of...

dear friends & family
columbus day weekend
hot dogs & baked beans buffet
pumpkin's from tangerini's
country music playing in the barn
apple cider & pumpkin beer...

basketball games in the driveway
carving tools & scarecrow fashion
campfire & s'mores
kids in the barn loft
tire swing swinging 
gator & wagon rides
apple munching...

happy jack o'lanterns 
happy scarecrows
happy memories 
happy family who can't wait until next year!

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