Friday, October 4, 2013

his first...and likely last pie eating contest

 at a recent fall festival, mr. b eagerly signed himself up 
for his first ever pie eating contest.
he listened attentively to the rules, 
placed his arms behind his back and awaited the start!
his mama wished him good luck and he beamed with excitement.
and from there it went down hill...
 upon the signal to go he dove right in, 
all in, like a real pro!
a little side glance at fellow contestants 
to see if this was really what it was all about...
yup, everyone else seemed to be enjoying this,
so he dove back in for more...
another break to see if it was over yet,
and thinking why does is everyone thinks this is so great?!...
literally trying to choke it down,
hating every bit of it, but not giving up!
can you say competitive much?
back for more...
 finally a winner was announced!
this faced says "who is the crazy person who actually ate this entire thing?"
a solemn congratulations to the winner, while trying to choke down the last bite
 and remove the bits smeared all over his face and up his nose.
then he stepped away from the cheering crowds and fell apart...
miserable, gagging and hating every bit of it!
 i think it's safe to say this was bennett's first
and most likely his last pie eating contest!

1 comment:

  1. He's such a little doll!
    Good for him for trying!!