Wednesday, March 5, 2014

march's lion, lamb and lent

isn't march suppose to be "in like a lion, out like a lamb"?  
well, it feels more like in like a snoozing/hibernating lion (since it's too darn cold to leave the den),
and out like a frisky/ferocious lion (ready to gobble up all the frolicking springtime lambs).
at least that's what my calendar seems to be telling me.   
with ramp-ups in homework expectations,
social and weekend plans, volunteer commitments,
client programs, toddler-hood trouble making, after school extra-curriculars
and a whole lot of  yard work planned for our frozen tundra (if it ever decides to melt),
i can definitely feel the anticipation as well as the potential crunch of this new season.


lent started today.
so, i'm telling the lion to take a hike
and focusing my heart and my days on the lamb.
the lamb of god.
this season of preparation and repentance.
the journey to the cross.

"the journey of lent is to immerse ourselves in this grand story so that it might increase our appreciation of Easter and love for Jesus."

(excerpt from haug & walker's journey to the cross,
find this free resource devotion here,
one that we'll be using here to keep the lion out and the lamb in).

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