Tuesday, March 18, 2014

tweet tweet birdie treats

we saw our first robin redbreast the other day,
a most welcome sign of spring!
 we celebrated by making some treats for our backyard birdie friends.

we decorated some tin cans for feeders, and made some tasty frozen birdseed cookies. 
and , can you even stand how focused jane with a paintbrush?!
we are quite excited to have another official member of crafternoons here at home. 


the next day after the paint dried and the cookies froze 
it was time to fill the cans and hang everything up on the make shift kid-height tree 
that bennett created by sticking a fallen limb into the snowbank just below our kitchen window. 
and as you can see,  jane thought we should also give the squirrels a treat by dumping 
half the bag of birdseed in the snow, woops!

and now our mornings look like this...
gazing out the window to watch our happy bird friends (and squirrels)!
janie is beyond fascinated, can't you tell?
bennettt, ella, wes & i are fascniated as well and have been busy 
checking off the different types on our bird guide from anya.  
tweet tweet...happy spring!

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