Friday, March 7, 2014

officer bennett's road signs

this little pre-school police officer
has become quite interested in street signs as of late, 
making for the perfect afternoon project!
we scrolled through google images,
to find some favorites so we could make our own signs.
we even found a "falling cows" sign, which bennett thought was hilarious, 
so of course we had to make one of those!
 we secured the signs to some long sticks, ones we were sure
would break through the frozen snow.
 then the little officer and his road crew went about the very serious work 
of  placement  on the snowplowed  walk that runs around the barn.
we even had a railroad crossing sign for the caterpillar train we 
made earlier this winter! 
then came the best part...
keeping a watchful patrol for traffic violations.
jane and i secured ourselves quite a few hefty tickets 
and isolated jail time in the barn!
this guy doesn't mess around...
 a great afternoon for the officer and lover of street signs!
treasured even more as i prepare to register the little guy for kindergarten tomorrow.
man i'm gonna miss afternoons like these ... even if he does put his mama in jail!

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