Tuesday, March 11, 2014

thankful tuesday, 3/11

  • a new easy and most savory go-to recipe - goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and baked until crispy - yum!
  • dinner club with dear friends that inspired trying this new recipe
  • melting snow and mud
  • last minute lunch dates with mr. defoyd that turn into vacation booking 
  • sewing with my girls
  • downton debrief visit while friends sipping tea and munching on scones, quiche and clotted cream cookies by the fire in the morning and book club giggles, munchies and wine by the fire with friends in the evening
  • ella's strength and bravery after a nasty fall and a banged up face
  • tummy bug snuggles
  • b's first loose tooth
  • lent devotions
  • girl scout training that turns into a drinks with a side of sweet potato fries with betsy
  • jane's transition to one nap a day
  • getting out of the house more because of said one nap a day
  • feeling like a new person because of said one nap a day
  • did i mention i'm thankful for jane's transition to one nap a day?
  • embracing breakfast - sipping tea, quiet conversations and prayers to start our day
  • maple magic at the farm
  • new baby farm animals
  • time change's evening light

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