Saturday, January 9, 2016

bacon bits...i mean new year resolution

happy new year friends!
do your new year resolutions involve bacon like mine do?
well bacon that's not burnt that is.
bacon that i don't put in the pan and then proceed to do 75 other things.
bacon that doesn't start as a good idea, but often results in a smoky kitchen.
bacon that's not black, spoiling another saturday morning breakfast with my family.
bacon that won't trigger the deserved eye rolls and whines that i always burn the bacon.
because i do.
every. single. time.
because often my good intentions are foiled by my lack of focus,
or scattered attempts to do more.
it goes like this...
cozy, quiet saturday morning.
let's have breakfast - or even better - brunch.
put bacon in the pan.
start the laundry, peek at instragram, empty the dishwasher, organize the mail,
 sweep the floor, make another cup of tea, read a page in my book...all things i think i can accomplish before having to flip the bacon or in the 45 seconds after i flip it that i need to get it out of the pan.
i can't.
bacon always burns.
i shouldn't.
bacon and breakfast with my family was the actual goal.

so in 2016 i resolve to not burn the bacon.
how's that for a resolution?
while i may not write it on the family chalkboard,
it definitely represents my hope for the new year.
a resolve to not just have good intents, but to focus and finish what i start.
that's my real resolution.

maybe it means i'll start less.
hopefully it means i'll be less scattered.
maybe it means i'll have shorter lists.
hopefully it means i'll have have more crossed off items.
maybe it means i'll accomplish less.
hopefully it means i'll enjoy more what i do accomplish.
maybe it means i'll make less promises.
hopefully it means i'll keep more of the promises i do make.
maybe it means i'll say no more.
hopefully it means when i say yes i'll actually deliver.
maybe it means there will be less surprises.
hopefully it means we'll be surprised more often.
maybe it means i'll disappoint more.
hopefully it means i'll frustrate less.
maybe it means i'll let go of more than i want to.
hopefully it means i'll pick-up more of what matters.

bring it 2016.
and bring on the bacon!

and here's a look at our 2015 instabits flipagram.
happy new year friends!

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