Friday, January 15, 2016

boot bonding and life living

so i got these new boots a week ago.
just simple, waterproof, practical, snow boots.
they were a great deal.
they fulfilled my mission to finally buy boots from this one particular portsmouth shoe store I've browsed in for years, but have never bought anything.

well, tonight I almost left them in a conference room in new york.
i remembered when i was 7 blocks from the office, and made the critical decision to run back to get them, snapping this picture, because i knew if going back resulted in me missing my train back home, then that would have been the last time i saw them before tossing into a dumpster in a complete frustration.

that's them pictured up there.
don't they look like they are a little sad and saying, "hey, how could you forget me? i thought we were close?"

because we are. 
i'm attached.
whole heck of a lot of life was lived wearing these boots in just the 6 days i've had them.
6 days that have overwhelmed, filled and stretched my heart in a big way, and these boots have been around for it.

a weekend away with some of my dearest girls - wes' complete selflessness and generousity - hurting and praying for my mother in law and after a terrible car accident - news that my dad is beating the cancer - doctors who heal - final preparations for next week's launch of 2.0 when women thrive - a past bedtime night sled - turning another year older - a family who takes such good care of me - a new haircut - 2016 strategic planning - conquering a mountain of laundry - meetings filled with brilliance and bonding - babysitters who rock - my sisterhood team - train reflections - and memories I will cherish.

happy weekend dear readers.

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