Monday, August 1, 2016

mama bird pep talk

hi there.
just me, mama bird, stopping in for a little august pep talk.
for some reason, we turned the calendar to august today
and many of us went a little cray.
the world seemed to shout,
"hey summer is almost over, you better get on it!"

ella asked to go school shopping at 7 am.
texts were flying about homeroom assignments.
time was spent figuring out school id's and middle school portals.
no less than 10 talks about how summer is flying.
summer reading lists were printed off.
and we spent our first of many august evenings 
here for football pre-season.
football is a fall sport...
but here we go.

let's have a little pep talk.
are you ready?

stop it.
there is still a whole lot of summer left to be had.
i love september, pumpkins and flannels too.
but there are still 4 FULL weeks of summer.

so stop it.
i mean it.
slow it down.
and bring on more moments like this...

pep talk recap.
stop it.
slow down summer.
oh and please.

mama bird signing off.

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