Friday, October 7, 2011

"b" is for...

bennett! it was definitely a milestone, "b is for big day!" 

b is for bye bye binky...
we seized the opportunity to tackle our "b is for battle" against the "b is for beloved binky."  it was time to say goodbye to these little guys.  a milestone that is so very hard and sad, yet in the end really rewarding.  we cried, binky detoxed and celebrated.  

b is for blue bike...
the binky fairy brought a blue bike in replacement for the binky stash.  a reward that definitely lessened the blow that morning when he woke to find them gonzo.

b is for baking...

we laced up the apron for a little "b is for baking" with chef bennett!

b is for bats & boogers

he wore his bat shirt...and apparently thought it would go well with some icky boogers!

b is for bus
after picking up ella from the "b is for bus," we opened her backpack to find this beautiful bus perfect for b day!

b is for big boy bennett
hooray for b day for our favorite little b!

b is also for balling your eyes out...
later that night when i went in to kiss b goodnight, and saw him sleeping without his binky i proceeded to ball my eyes out.  hysterical. slobbering. "b is for begged" wes to go dig through the garbage to find the stash of binkies to keep as keepsakes.  it's so hard to say goodbye to this little piece my "b is for baby." so hard. but he is a big boy...bye bye binky!

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  1. oh Erin! so hard to see our babies grow up. you're making me get weepy. stop that!