Saturday, October 8, 2011

pick-up sticks

we joined over 100 members of our church family for some tornado relief efforts in brimfield today.  our mission: pick-up sticks!
words cannot describe the destruction, nor how your heart breaks for those that lost so much. this beautiful spot will never be the same.
but there were bright spots for sure. of stories from the owners and how they are being encouraged. of friends & family rallying together to rebuild and restart.  of answered prayers. of these flowers found in the midst of the wreckage.

it was an honor to serve with our fellow brothers & sisters. to show our kids what it means to dig deep and do for others.
as you can see bennett was really into it...and had the dirt & grime to prove it. man o man was this kid filthy...and loved it!

and ella's highlight was planting tree seedlings. she's asked if we can go back and check on them to see how they are growing.  how overwhelming to think it will take hundreds of years for this area to be the wooded treasure it once was.
a great day. a hard day. an emotional day. and we loved every minute of it.

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