Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"e" is for...

ella of course!
are you enjoying our journey through the alphabet? we are! though i started this just for b...ella has taken hold and is so excited to think of ideas for our letter days. she's still coming up with the things we should have done back on "a" and "b" day...and already planning for "s" and "t"! 

e is for excited!
excited to celebrate some potty success!  e is also for "exhausted"...oh my is potty training hard work!

e is for elephant

we love our calico critter friends...aren't they just so cute?!

e is for an exploring expedition
we created these little explorer lists and they went on an expedition around the house to find the items. e is also for "easy peasy" they were done in no time.

e is for egg race
 a tricky egg race around the pumpkins that quickly turned into an egg toss!

e is for big & little e

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