Monday, October 3, 2011

the cheeky one

it was a moment. a special moment. a really special moment for our no.1 fan of the little no.1 blue engine...the cheeky one...thomas!   a fun day out to edaville that went a little something like this.
with tickets in hand - and no real clue what he was really there for, our little train conductor waited his turn to board. then the magic started to happen. off in the distance we could hear the whistle.  off in the distance we could see the steam. we looked and looked...and then we saw the little blue engine coming around the bend.

bennett sweetly whispered..."thoooomassss"... "it's thomas, the no. 1." he couldn't believe it. he looked at me..."mama look it's thomas." it was so sweet...and then i started to cry. yes cry. tears rolled down my cheek. i felt it coming on when i heard the whistle in the distance - but then to see my little boy's face and to hear his sweet whispers, it was more than i could handle.
we boarded and had a nice little ride. he was of course thrilled and it was really cute. the only exception being my left over tears and admitting my moment to wes while getting strange looks from fellow passengers and their families.  get a grip lady, get a grip.
a fun outing. and apparently quite emotional as well. but hey - he's only this size for a moment...and like he said at the end of the day "mama, i weally weally wove thomas." and i weally, weally wove him.

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  1. Our oldest was obsessed with Thomas. We used to go to A Day Out With Thomas every year. Great pics!