Tuesday, October 11, 2011

thankful tuesday, 10/11

i have been blown away recently by so many kind & encouraging words about this little blog. from family, friends and frequent readers. from FB friends i didn't even know were reading. from perfect strangers.  you've been too darn kind, filled my humble heart with joy and for sure made my cheeks blush with your sweet words. i'm increasingly grateful for this little space - thanks for being a part of it and sharing it with me.

i thought i'd add the button over on the right column - if you could to take a second and join/subscribe.  it's a fun way for me to see who is a bits & bobs reader!

and now for this week's thankful tuesday!
  • gorgeous october days
  • mom's babysitting gifts
  • date night with hubby
  • ella's shopping list games with anya
  • tornado relief in brimfield with our church family
  • baby news from a friend & co-worker
  • bennett's "i love you guys"
  • baby calves at davis 
  • candy corn potty training treats
  • sharing sunday morning with a friend
  • walk-off grand slams in the playoffs (go rangers!)
  • a throw down with my brother that turns sweet in the end
  • sweet email from ella's teacher
  • bennett asking if he can go with wes to play ball when he gets big
  • birthday party in the park with dear friends
  • cherishing the end of a novel with ella
  • bennett's missing "st"...tore, tuff, top, tister (store, stuff, stop, sister)
  • holding trains hostage to keep a little boy from being fresh at bedtime
  • apple cider stand with friends
  • that the tastiness of a caramel apple is always worth the mess
  • reading through proverbs
  • kiddos carving a pumpkin with grandpa
  • sea salt
  • praying for logan & tanner
  • wes' tough love

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