Monday, February 3, 2014

a night away

 when you want to battle winter doldrums and cabin fever 
sometimes you need to hop on a train and get out of town for a bit.
so that's what we did, and loved every bit!

we started with a fun night at the children's museum!
it is opened late on fridays which was so great
because it means we basically had the place all to ourselves...
including this crazy climbing structure which usually gives me heart palpitations
when it's crowded with crawling wee ones and i can never locate my own.

a night in a hotel was just perfect for getting the cabin fever wiggles out
 with a good session of cannonball practicing
and parent approved bed jumping and pillow flopping!

saturday was the perfect day to bop and eat our way
around the city's north end, haymarket, faneuil hall, waterfront and aquarium.

oh and for local friends - i must say that the enhancements
to the new england aquarium are quite should check it out!
just be prepared to get a good fright from this super scary yellow eel...
who literally tried to take a bite out of our jane girl (albeit through the tank glass).

the perfect little get away packed with adventure, treats,
 a wee scare and loads of memories - turning our
winter blah into a winter weekend hurrah!

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  1. You are officially the "fun family" and I love you!