Wednesday, February 26, 2014

read aloud fun - george's marvelous medicine

 roald dahl authors some of our most favorite family read-a-loud books.
i loved his books growing up, and now i get to read them again with my people.
his stories are so very rich with characters who make us squirm and often gasp 
with their crude meanness and all out nastiness.
the kids get quite the kick out of hearing their mom & dad read things like 
"whenever i see a live slug on a piece of lettuce, 
i gobble it up quick before it crawls away.  delicious"
or...even better
"well your mummy is as stupid as you are. said grandma." (gasp!) 
certainly quite the contrast from our other read-a-loud favorite little house on the prairie series!
george's marvelous medicine was a fun one we read this past fall,
and afterwards inspired e&b to create their very own marvelous medicine.
just like george, they walked around our house and backyard 
throwing anything they could find into their medicine brew.
moldy carved pumpkins, past due refrigerator produce, mud, leaves, 
worms and bugs were the secret ingredients in their specialty recipe.
 so gross.  so fun.  they loved it!
thank you kindly mr. dahl

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