Thursday, February 13, 2014


some recent instabits.
i love these little glimpses into our days.
days that so often seem to pass in a blurr,
but here are paused, captured and treasured.
cozy afternoons reading books by the fire

snow day fun
girl scout cookie time

girl scout pajama jam
little love
5 year old check-ups
5 year old birthday party fun
post nap sesame street time
play to win sales rally for work...figured if the patriots didn't need it i could use it for my conference
winter exploring
wishing she could be outside exploring with the big kids
mud splashing and loving every bit before more snow fell
a get away to boston
cannonball practicing
my three
2nd grade teachers who make learning such a gift
3 generations of ukranian girls at ella's 2nd grade heritage celebration
the winning bobsled team ... olympics fun
study time with dad...continents, oceans, mountains & rivers of the world
kindergarten registration packet pick-up and one excited little boy
baby math whiz...
well at least she better be fore the number of times she finds and scatters sister's flashcards
secret message reveal valentines...even if the secret message is "poo"
winter time oatmeal breakfasts
that i could walk away from this scary accident with just wee bumps
and a baby girl who was as safe and perfect as can be - praise god!

sweet stripey bummed napper
winter outings to the park for climbing
and more climbing at the children's museum
making our own soft baked pretzels - yum!
i love this guy in carharts and work boots who is excited for spring
another snow day
winter blooms
tweet tweet your sweet or tweet your neat valentine bird hearts for classmates

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