Thursday, February 20, 2014

winter zoo day

 it's school vacation week.
a snowy, cold and icy one too.
the kids have enjoyed their fair share of hanging in their jammies, 
sledding, movie watching, creating, fort building, coloring, snow ball making, 
lego building, painting and all around lazing around home.  
 it's been good, but when they put the christmas movie elf on yesterday 
morning i about lost it.
i couldn't do another winter day at home.
i couldn't.
they couldn't.
but mostly i couldn't.
  but i also couldn't do any of the other normal get out of the house places 
like the museum, ikea, indoor playground, bowling ally, pool or wherever.
 the school vacation crowds are just too much sometimes
especially with baby girl in the mix.
 but we needed to get out.
they needed to get out of their jammies.
we needed an adventure!
 so...we went to the zoo and it was just perfect.
a little road trip, outdoors, animals, maps to figure out, packed lunch, half-priced admission
and the best part we had these beauties all to ourselves!
hooray for a winter zoo day.
and hooray for good friends to adventure with!

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