Friday, February 7, 2014

ninjago...he's 5!

some 5th birthday party highlights for our 
green belt karate kid and lego ninjago fantatic.
we combined these 2 favorites of his for a ninjago themed karate party at the dojo!

bennett and his buddies were dressed as ninjago spinjitzu masters
for a high impact training session with sensei tim!
outfits were made using a piece of felt adorned with a 
set of felt lego ninja eyes (and eyebrows of course) 
and knotted with a matching ninja belt.

they had a blast and worked up quite the sweat!
afterwards we spinjitzu ninja'd across the way to tc scoops for a birthday ice cream treat.
then we sent them on their way with some colorful lego crayons 
and a set of ninja stars to style themselves.
yummy & fun!

aren't these ninja kiddos just the cutest in their ninjago garb?!
so fun to see them running around...making our 5 year old ninja's dream come true.
happy birthday spinjitzu master bennett!

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