Thursday, June 2, 2011

idea jar

the post-nap, before dinner time of day has been especially rough over here lately. ella who is a perfect angel while bennett is napping, turns into a crab or professional wwf wrestler as soon as her brother wakes up. she simply struggles with having to wait for her him to really wake up and play with her, and she's sad that her solo mommy time is now interrupted by her needy, snuggly brother.
so we made an idea jar and it works like this.  if we don't already have plans, and the kids are kind, gentle and on good behavior during this tricky wake up time we'll pull an idea out of the special jar.  honestly i'm hoping this is going to help me too... because regardless of the best intentions i often get caught without a plan and the wwf wrestling takes all the wind out of my sail. i guess we all struggle in making good choices!
we had fun coming up with all sorts of ideas to fill the jar.  included are things like explore for bugs; library; hike to river; paint rocks; build a fort; send a letter; go out for ice cream; playground; water the plants; kiddo car wash; play zingo; etc, etc. these are all normal activities - but the special surprise element gets us excited and turns those pokes and cries into hugs, smiles and loves...a better way to end the day!
so far so good. only issue was the 'paint nails' idea we pulled out. wes was less than impressed to come home and see his little guy with blue painted toes :)

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