Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in the middle of the night

a little play by play of last night...  some nights just don't go your way!

7 p.m.  kids zonk out before their first songs are over...sleepy babes
8, 9, 10 p.m. wes & i have a productive & entertaining evening
11 p.m. lights out
11:15 p.m. ella needs to go potty
11:45 p.m. ella is still up and can't sleep
12:30 a.m. ella finally dozes back to sleep in our bed
1:30 a.m. bennett is up and looking for his binky
1:45 a.m. move ella back to her bed / bennett moves into ours
2:00 a.m. ella sobs because she realizes she's been booted
2:15 a.m. wes moves in to sleep with ella
2:30 a.m. bennett is still up and thinks its story time
2:45 a.m. have a get real conversation with bennett to get to settle
3:30 a.m. just about to doze back to sleep and hear the sound of summer rain
3:40 a.m. enjoying the sound of the rain, but then have a panic attack that my car windows are down
3:41 a.m. wake bennett while shooting out of bed to go downstairs
3:42 a.m. wes gets up to help with bennett while i go deal with the windows
3:45 a.m. searching for my keys
3:55 a.m. still searching for my keys
4:00 a.m. accidentally wake wes & bennett while searching for keys in pockets, on dresser, on floor, etc
4:15 a.m. still searching for keys...crying
4:30 a.m. find keys in one of ella's purses, close windows
4:40 a.m. settle back in bed and sing to bennett to get him to go back to sleep
4:45 a.m. bennett falls back to sleep
5:30 a.m. give up and decide that tonight i won't sleep
7:00 a.m. write an overly caffeinated blog post to remember this night
7:30 a.m. shower and put on lots of make-up to hide the bags under my eyes
9:00 a.m. attempt to look & sound smart at work (while dreaming of a nap)

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