Monday, June 13, 2011

magical whisper microphone

i saw this book - willow's whispers by lana button and immediately thought of our ella.  it's about a little girl named willow who misses out on some of her favorite things at school, because she's so shy and whispers instead of using her big girl voice ... just like ella!

one night, she dreams and prays for a bigger voice...and then in the morning goes and makes herself a magic microphone, accessorized with glitter, beads and all sorts of bling.
her special microphone turns the volume up on those whispers. it works like magic and she has a great day! but then willow's magic microphone gets squished and ruined. but its okay - willow decides she doesn't need it anyway...because it's better when her friends can hear her. 
ella had some fun making her own magical microphone today. and we talked about how she doesn't really need one...but that she does need to find that inner big girl voice, just like willow. i know she has it in her...just need to turn up the volume sometimes.

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  1. Can you make me one that works in reverse?