Tuesday, June 14, 2011

thankful tuesday, 6/14

  • ella completes pre-school
  • emotional moments
  • grass stained knees (mine too!)
  • kicking off the beach season in duxbury
  • hunting for dinosaur eggs with the kids at the beach (aka interesting looking rocks in the ocean)
  • wrapping up our parenting with character study with our small group
  • paul our sg leader's diligence and dedication in leading the group
  • bennett's enthusiastic "kachows"
  • rainy days at home and breaking out the sewing machine
  • ella's infatuation with the fabric mill (guess she is my daughter)
  • staying up too late working on a baby shower gift
  • rolling down hills with the kids...and giggling over our dizzy stumbling
  • time out
  • beautiful baby shower 
  • hours of catching up and laughing with kristine
  • surprise clam strips and cole slaw drop-off by my dad
  • grandpa's imaginary puppy...and kids believing every second of it
  • answered prayers 
  • ella's whisper microphone...and the fun of parenting with a cute book and follow-up project
  • strawberry picking with the kids
  • bennett's strawberry stained overall bottom
  • being amazed 

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