Tuesday, June 28, 2011

thankful tuesday, 6/28

that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. o lord my god i give you thanks forever. (psalm 30:12)
  • wes' mad kitchen skills
  • easy bedtimes
  • hilarious family pre-vacation conference call
  • countdown to vacation
  • praise and continued prayer for a friend's adoption journey
  • ella & anya girl's day...they do it right (manicures, shopping, lunching and chocolate)
  • my mom's calming advice and perspective
  • that my kids got to spend time with both grandmothers in one day
  • late night chats with judy & charlie ... night owls!
  • cousin camp 
  • burgers & hot dogs at janine's frosty...summer memories from years ago
  • r is for radish...our radish crop is plentiful
  • sobbing in sadness and joy over andy's testimony at church
  • loving my husband
  • making impromtu playdate plans...and sticking to them
  • a morning at the lake with friends
  • paint, bellies and a joyful mess
  • a helpful and generous mechanic friend
  • summer nights at the softball field
  • gradual improvements in our battle of over apologizing
  • wes' drawings...he's got mad skills there too (who knew?!)
  • my little muffin man bennett and his love for baking
  • the power of a freeze pop to calm and cool the crazy moments

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