Monday, February 21, 2011

cousin sleepover

are you having a good weekend?  we are!  we have had so much fun with members of our extended family.  hopefully you saw the cute pics from our outing to the providence children's museum with the payne those guys!  and yesterday after a quick visit to see judy & charlie (grandma and pa pa) our nephews, austin & logan, came for a sleepover. 

before getting to the pics - just a few thoughts and loves to share about family.  i married into a big family - and i love it! i could attempt to describe the lot of them - and i tried to think of a clever way to do so, but no go (i'm too tired from all the playing)...another day. in a nutshell, our kids are blessed with wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles and a big crew of cousins to grow-up with.  i love that i'm a daughter-in-law and a sister-in-law.  i love that i am an aunt. i love to see wes as uncle wes - and how the kids adore him. they are all so special - we love them - we are so grateful!

now some of the pics...

visit to grandma & pa pa's

bowling (1st time for ella & bennett)

movie & popcorn (wouldn't be a sleepover without it!)
 and a beautiful cousin mural

austin & ella's drawing of our visit

p.s. and if you are wondering....yes, ella is wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row.  she loves her new sweet & sour lemon t-shirt!

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