Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thankful tuesday, 2/22

"to see deeply, to thank deeply, to feel joy deeply...eucharisteo" (ann voskamp's one thousand gifts)
  • organized chaos
  • promotion, raise and a bonus at work
  • bennett asking for a monkey bar (granola bar)
  • first lady bug of the season
  • providence children's museum with the paynes
  • diner burgers
  • wes & ella's puppet show
  • seeing differently...and the hard work that it can sometimes be
  • that we have to sing happy birthday to bennett every time we have pancakes with bacon (we served this on his b-day 2 months ago...)
  • long hug from a friend i haven't seen in a few years
  • pedicure
  • being an aunt
  • cousin sleepover
  • news of a friend's new baby boy
  • bowling shoes (should be grossed out, but not)
  • hearing your kids speak your lessons to other children... the ones you've prayed and tried so hard to instill (praise god they do hear us)
  • a meal that takes all day to cook and then not wanting it...and enjoying it so very much the next day

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