Tuesday, February 1, 2011

one thousand gifts

god truly works in the most special ways.  it goes like this...  "i" have this new year's resolution to start a blog, as a way to remember and share.  i start first week of january, and "decide" to start with a "list" as a way to remember and give thanks for some of our 2010 most favorite moments.   a week later "i" decide to do a weekly list on the blog - thankful tuesdays.  i am so enjoying it!  week after that, i see this book, one thousand gifts, by ann voskamp, in my recommended reads on amazon.  i'm sort of a sucker for a book with a pretty cover (isn't it pretty?) so i bought it.   last week - an old friend is talking about this book and her own list on her blog - i see it and think, "hey i'm about to read that book too..." and i tell her about my own list thing i just started.  flash forward to this week - i'm reading the book and totally blown away by this message and encouragement to keep a list of things and ways god shows us his grace.  the message is powerful.  simple, yet not. a dare to live fully right where we are and to give thanks - eucharisteo. 

could god make his idea any more clear to me? how wonderful that all of the above was orchestrated by him. i should have known that - but i didn't... which makes his gift that much sweeter.  i am so thankful!     

p.s. go buy this book... start your own list... it is truly wonderful!


  1. Erin, I love this. Love it so so much.
    Keeping the list has been transformational in my life. It really really changes you and also those around you. You will never to back.
    Thanks for sharing! God is so so gracious.

  2. I truly enjoyed Ann's writing and enjoyed getting lost in it. What a true gift. What a wonderful idea to have a gratitude journal. After losing loved ones of my own, this book tugged at my heart strings, and I am thankful I happend upon it. I am thankful for another day, and thankful for another moment with my loved ones, and the moments we had with the loved ones who have gone home.