Monday, February 14, 2011

one fish, two fish...many fish!

a couple years ago we had a family goldfish.  it was your basic goldfish who lived with us happily for nearly 2 years in this simple glass bowl (see pic below).  ella loved it and we were sad when it passed.

we had been talking about doing it again - thinking both kids would find this entertaining and interesting. so... saturday morning we visited the local pet shop.  and for the cost of $.29 a piece we got these two little guys (pic on the left), who the kids named emily & billy.  cute, right?!

flash forward to the afternoon.  wes ran out to get a new glass bowl (we learned that ours had a crack in it so were using the temporary plastic one shown above).  he comes home after a visit to ned's fish shop all smiles and quite informed by ned's fish experts.  something was up with him!  he then goes out to car to get this... an aquarium...not the simple glass bowl.  so...our simple one fish, two fish (emily & billy) is now a growing family of fish living it up in this not so simple, bubbling, heated fish paradise.  wes (with input from his new friend ned) are convinced this will enrich the kid's experience that much more.  and...all kidding aside, i do agree. the kids love it!  nice job babe (xo)!

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