Sunday, February 6, 2011

a girls' day

had the treat of a fun girls' day on saturday (yay)!  
brunch at the south end buttery with sweet friends kristen and kristine.  
the three of us started our careers back at putnam investments years ago.  
a delight to visit and catch-up on all the goings on in our lives now ... from fabulous vacations, to the news of a baby, to creative ideas, to stories & laughs from our families.      
later in the day after some shopping with ella - i was invited to visit her lipstick shop.  
for the bargain-price of "ten dollars" i got to get my lips (and teeth) 
exquisitely done up with about 6-8 shades of pink, purple and red lipstick. 
ella thought she'd also give her eyes a lipstick treatment as well...  isn't it lovely?!  
bennett and wes were spared - though she did try!

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